Frequently Asked Questions

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q How do I book a collection? Do I need to register?

A Yes, to book a collection online, you will need to register. It is quick and easy and will take less than two minutes.

Q What types of services does M & P Shippers provide and do you provide express services?

A We provide Door to Door shipping from the UK to Ghana which takes between 3 – 6 weeks. We also provide Air freight services which take 5 working days, but your recipient will need to collect from Kotoka Airport and pay any due duty.

Q Where can I find your prices for items?

A On our website or call our dedicated customer service team

Q Do you provide packaging?

A Yes, we do. We sell boxes, drums and tapes.

Q Can I use my own packaging?A Yes you can, although we recommend using our Jobyco branded packaging as they are firm, strong and secure.

Q How do I change or cancel a booking request?

A You can call our office number on to amend or cancel any booking or you can go on our website (customer portal) to change your booking before 12 midnight the day before your appointment date

Q Do you ship to every part of Ghana?

We cover the whole of Accra and the sourrounding regions.

A Are there maximum weight and size limits for a parcel?

A Yes there are. Please call our dedicated team of customer services personnel on 0759 888 3056 or 0759 888 3067 to answer any queries you may have regarding size limits.

Q Are there any prohibited items I cannot send through M & P?

A Yes there are, for a full and comprehensive list please see our Prohibited Items List.

Q Does my recipient need to pay anything when the goods arrive in Ghana?

A No, they will not be charged for anything. They just need to receive and enjoy.

Q Will my parcel be opened for inspection?

A The customs reserve the right to examine our container at any time.

Q Is my consignment covered by insurance?

A Yes we offer insurance from £25.